Material base

The department is placed in the following classrooms on 7th and 8th floors of Petroleum campus building:

- 701 PCB –laboratories of directional drilling, drilling machine and mechanism are located;

- 701А PCB –staff room for lecturers;

- 704 PCB – computer lab;

- 708 PCB - staff room for lecturers;

- 710 PCB – instrumentation laboratory is placed for measuring the drilling process;.

- 711 PCB –Office room for Head of Department and service people;

- 712 PCB – laboratory for drill mud and plugging material;

 - 714 PCB – laboratory for drilling technology and exploration of oil and gas wells;

- 808 PCB – laboratory for drilling wells on solid mineral deposits and water;

- 805 PCB – Staff room for lecturers.


Total area of classrooms covered by Department, consists of 302.5 m2.

There are computer laboratory in the Department, full-scale samples of rock-cutting tools and other elements of drill column; ГИВ-6 equipments for the measurement of drilling process parameters, tools for vibro compaction exploration of pay zone by double column drilling string for the improvement of core recovery.

The Department is provided by three packages of field laboratories ЛГР-3 to measure the parameters of drill mud.

In 2014, KazNTU acquired three working small-sized drill rigs of SSDR by the application which are applicable during the teaching and learning process;

The Department owns a series of video cassette, by which visually demonstrates the main technological procedures of  well emplacement on fossil fluids and gaseous mineral resources.

701 PCB and 714 PCB are equipped by video cassette and interactive whiteboard respectively, so that the quality of lecture performance is improved.

In terms of social issues, the lecturers of Department have an opportunity for vacation three times per year by subsidized sanatoria and holiday-homes voucher in sanatorium so called “Koktem”. In addition to that, in both Kapchagay and Yssyk-Kul there are recreational centers for all staffs of KazNRTU (including department staff). The employees of the Department are awarded by bonus earnest on remarkable days of Republic of Kazakhstan.