Material base

The department is supported by 13 PCs. The PCs are connected to local network and are found in the auditory 908 petroleum building (PB). The working places of the faculty members are also equipped with 13 PCs. Lecture hall of PB is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and projection equipment for demonstration of educational material, as well as for the presentation of diploma works.
-    In 2015 the following two laboratories were organized:
-    “Basic integrated laboratory of hydromechanics” – 801 PB
-    “Development of gas and gas condensate fields” – 40 mining building (MB)
-    Chromatograph "Kristallyuks - 4000M" for determining the composition of gas and its properties
-    Scientific research experimental laboratory was also created (425a), the laboratory is equipped with apparatuses designed for the investigation of the efficiency of conformance control and water shutoff operations in wells, the study of solubility of asphalt deposits in wells and for the synthesis of aromatized oil solvents.

1.    Gas chromatograph

2.    Automatic dosing unit of liquid samples

3.    The personal computer (control station)

4.    The generator of clean air

5.    The hydrogen generator

6.    Air compressor

7.    Catalytic cleaning filter

8.    Nitrogen generator