About department


Reservoir and Production Engineering Department was founded in 1965. The first graduates: Abilgaziev A., Bocharov V.A., Geliskhanov M., Gorokhovsky B.I., Dyusembaev I., Iskakov T., Izturganov B. Karakunakov F., Kirillov Y., Kulchanov F., Kaziev B., Nurpeisov B., Omarov P., Sarsekenov K., Kulchanov S., Rakhimov Yu, Sariev K., Tleumaganbetov S., Chetvergov Yu, Chistilin V., Shormanov S. made a great contribution to the development of oil fields in Kazakhstan.

The first head of Department is Professor Khalikov G.A. He graduated from Ufa Oil Institute in 1956. Working as a head of department, he made a significant contribution to methodical and scientific work.
In 1973 Tolybekov B.S. was appointed as a Head of Department. Since 1982 he worked as a deputy dean.

From 1978 to 1982 Associate Professor Mailybaev M.M. was a Head of Reservoir and Production Engineering Department.

From 1990 to 1997 Associate Professor Abishev S.K. was a Head of Reservoir and Production Engineering Department.

In 1997, Omarov M. O. was appointed as the head of department. He influenced on scientific development of engineers. 

Since 2006, the Head of Department was Professor Ahmedzhanov T.K. He also worked as the Head of Graduate students and Young scientists. In 2008, he was elected as a Member of the Board by specialty Reservoir Engineering.

Since 1990 Department starts to prepare specialists in state language.

Today Department prepares bachelors, masters and PhD levels in “Petroleum Engineering”. 

During the last 50 years Department graduated about 10000 specialists for a leading industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan – oil and gas industry.


Nowadays the department collaborates with the National Company “Kazmunaigas”, international companies Chevron, Agip, Schlumberger, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, CNPC- Aktobemunaigas and other scientific and educational organizations.

Goals and objectives:

Quality – enhance the teaching and learning environment to promote the best petroleum engineering education

1.    Revise and develop up-to-date curriculum according to international standards and requirements of professional societies
2.    Develop classroom environment that promotes and matches to the student outcomes specified by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)
3.    Upgrade classroom facilities
4.    Increase the number of faculty and students involved in research and service
5.    Increase effective use of technology in academia
6.    Develop international academic/research cooperation with foreign institutions
7.    Develop more efficient and cost-effective administrative processes to reduce costs and inefficiencies in current paper-based processes


Research – foster innovative research in the department and across the other departments

1.    Update research facilities to promote research-attractive environment for faculty and students involved
2.    Create and develop research centers across disciplines to tackle high-priority petroleum engineering problems
3.    Develop new partnerships with the industry and other research centers

Assets – generate external resources to maintain and enhance quality

1.    Increase research grants and industry contracts
2.    Increase private fundraising
a.    Alumni Association of the Department
b.    Development activities
3.    Develop partnerships with national and international oil and gas companies


To enhance lifelong success of our students and faculty in their professional and academic careers. This mission is achieved by providing high-quality education and learning experiences, by conducting cutting-edge research, and by serving the industry, the state, and the world through professional societies and community engagement. 

Reservoir and Production Engineering Department will be recognized by the excellence of our petroleum engineering program, our innovative research and our contribution to the industry and public.