Research work

The results of the work were reported in the international and national scientific conferences, geological congresses and seminars. 
     Annually, 5-10 students participate in contractual works. For their work created good conditions - given special audience (514), equipped with 12 computers and a full range of electronic equipment.
     Conducting of research work in the department carried out with broad involvement of students in paid staff positions. Topics graduation projects and work with these students is closely related to the work which they research and support undergraduates gain experience and skills up to graduation. For example, graduates of the 2010 academic year T. Rakhimov and N. Tubagabilova are working for 2 years in department’s scientific group and presented complex diploma work this year.
    Our students are active participants in the conferences. In 2008 students Erikuly Zhaiyk, Rakisheva Ainur and Kaukakova Aygirim were awarded with diploma of II degree of the Republic contest. 
     . In 2009 Rakhimov Timur was awarded with diploma of the II degree. In 2009 student Tazhiev Sultan won subject Olympiad. Knowledge and skills realization of the research work received in the department helps graduates to choose their future activities and employment in prestigious companies.


Tasks of developing research work in the department


     Determine the need of organizations of Kazakhstan in specialists with master's degree in water resources. 
     Conclude a contract with these organizations for training specialists.Apply to the Ministry of education on the allocation of state grants for KazNRTU after K.I.Satpaev a specialty of master degree “water resources and water management”.


Aims for improvement of research work on 2010-2015 years


  • Monitoring and participation in projects carried out by international universities and scientific organizations like TEMPUS, TACIS, Erasmus Mundus, Fulbright, ect.
  • Continue co-working with major global scientific and technological centers and laboratories, leading national and foreign companies
  • Organize a research center for remote sensing and GIS systems.
  • Attract at least the 20 student to perform a sponsored research work