Material base

Material and technical base of the department SSLI MPI has necessary for studies and scientific work material and technical base. It has a sufficient number of appropriate laboratory and production facilities. The department has four computer labs with programs CorelDRAW, Auto Cad, Mapinfo, Micromine for construction of geological maps and calculation of stocks. The software project will be accomplished by bringing to research a number of employees of other organizations, specializing in the development of new computer programs. Laboratory ore microscopy equipped with the latest microscopes sexes. Laboratory of geological maps has geological, metallogenic, tectonic maps and maps of minerals of different scales necessary to conduct classes in the disciplines "Regional Geology", "Geotectonics and geodynamics", "Structural Geology", "Geology and Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan." Heritage department is non-metallic ore and rock samples for many types of deposits in Kazakhstan. The educational process in disciplines readable staff of the department, is carried out using a large number of geological charts, and illustrative demonstration material, namely: - Geological maps of different content and different scale (60 copies.); - Guidance for design of a new generation of geological maps (10 copies.); - Handbook of PI deposits of Kazakhstan last year editions (35 copies.); - A collection of rocks, minerals, ores (structure and texture, the types of ores for individual deposits of Kazakhstan and CIS ~ 7 thousand. Ind .; -Geologicheskaya literature in all areas of geological knowledge (10 thousand. Ind.) - Aerial and satellite imagery individual regions of Kazakhstan (about 1000 copies.) - Atlas Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan (2 copies.) - A set of training geological maps (25 copies.).


Room number Area in м2  Name of the room 
 1  318 MTB 93,9 Room of regional geology and geotectonics
 2  322 MTB 57,7 Room of Metalogeny of Kazakhstan, named after Sh. E Esenov
 3  324 MTB 37,4 Room for geological maps, named after professor G. C Medoev
 4  337 MTB 18,7 Room of final dissertation and project researching. Teaching room.
 5  420 MTB 38,2 Room of structural geology and geological mapping
 6  427 MTB 72,6 Laboratory of metallic and non metallic deposits
 7  441 MTB 55 Teaching stuff room
 8  505 MTB 83 Laboratory of ore researching methods. Computer class