About department


In the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute "General Geology", "Historical Geology and Geology of the USSR", "Minerals and Exploration", "The methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits", "Geology and exploration of mineral deposits", "Geological survey search and MD", "Historical and regional geology" departments  were functioned. Heads and members of the geology departments were such eminent scientists as Voynovsky-Krieger, Sh. Yesenov, G.L. Kushev, E.D. Shlygin, D.S. Kunaev, S.G. Ankinovich, E.A. Ankinovich, G.Ts. Medoev, M.M. Bakenov and etc. The department since the beginning of its existence has a tradition of combining the creative potential of the research and teaching staff and skilled production workers. Zhukov, G.A. Yarmak, O.A. Seydalin, R.S. Kachurin, B.M. Abishev, M.R. Gulamov, I.B. Baychigasov, G.A. Baymahanova, which had a lot of experience and production work worked and taught there during the formation of the department. 

Currently, the department «Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits" (GSЕMD) is a part of the Institute of geology and oil and gas business named after K. Turysov KazNRTU K.I. Satpayev and is the successor of several geological departments.  Currently, in the department successfully work lecturers with academic degrees and titles. The department has: doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, academician KazNAU Professor Baybatsha A.B.; Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, academician KazNANS and NAS RK, Professor N. Seitov; candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, associate professor – Bekbotaev A.T., Zhunusov A.A., Asanov M.A., Arshamov Ya.K, Duysenbaeva K.Sh, Assistant - Professor Kasenova A.T. and etc.

Goals and objectives of department are providing of educational disciplines with the use of the newest technologies at the level of modern requirements of production, science and equipment.
    The department «Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits" is a graduating department for bachelors specialty 5В070600 – “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits”, masters 6М070600 – “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits”, (to scientifically-pedagogical and profile direction) and PhD doctors 6D070600 - “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits”. 
Mission of the department «Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits" consists of graduates preparation of specialty "Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits". A department also prepares them to the continuous educating and assists development of independent, critical intellectual approach, with the observance of ethic codes of conduct in society and ability to work in a command.

The strategic objectives of the department:
• Improving the quality of educational process and scientific research;
• improvement of the effectiveness using of available resources;
• the constant improvement of the scientific and pedagogical qualification of employees;
• modernization of the material base of the educational process and scientific research; 

The department actively cooperated with industrial geological organizations and companies. In order to continuously improve the program and getting the students current knowledge and practical skills of work between the department, organizations and companies, as PC “Kazakhmys”, JSC “Kazatomprom”, TD “Yuzhkaznedra”, LLC “Milysay”, JSC “Volkovgeologiya”, “GRE-23”, LLC “Kazphosphate”, LLC “Tsentrgeolsemka”, Institute of Geological Sciences named after K.I. Satpayev, and other concluded agreements on cooperation in the conduct of industrial practice.

The department «Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits" has experience of cooperation with higher educational institutions of other countries. Masters and PhD students of the department have an opportunity to undertake a scientific internship in universities such as the: Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), University of Warsaw (Poland), Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia), Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), Russian State Geological Prospecting University Ordzhonikidze (Russia), Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), Natural History Museum, Department Mineralogy (United Kingdom). 

The department has four geological laboratories and studies equipped with necessary devices and visual teaching aids, computer class with the program Micromine and training ground in the Small Karatau, where the training is carried out field geological surveying practice. In 2008-2009, academic year for the first time carried out the International Programme for University Cooperation with foreign universities. During these years, under the guidance of leading teachers of the department students and undergraduates Colorado School of Mines have successfully passed a specialized geological practice.