Research work

By the project №757.МОН.ГФ.15.РИПР.32«Collecting and analyzing geophysical data with the aim of creating a database of Kazakhstan’s hydrocarbon deposits and their digital models» have got following results.

The results and their novelty:
1 Collected and compiled stock geological and geophysical materials on board the Southern Caspian oil and gas basin.
2 Prepared digital geological and geophysical field data (seismic, petrophysics, GIS, drilling) on ​​the board of the South Caspian oil and gas basin of 3 terabytes.
3 According to the analysis of the research area developed a theoretical basis and approaches to technology of design and create a database on the basis of geological and geophysical data using modern computer technology on the oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan.
4 Designed the model of storage, systematization and classification of digital primary geological and geophysical data;
Results of the first stage of research for 2015 were tabled in the industrial and service companies, research institutes working in the gas-oil industry. Feedback and recommendations for the continuation of further research have got.