Research work

The main lines of research are the development of geodynamic models of oil and gas basins, identification of the basic laws of formation of large deposits of Kazakhstan, and forecast oil and gas and the main directions of geological-prospecting. Along these lines, defended his doctoral dissertation G. J. Zholtaev, PhD T.A. Ensepbaev, received a doctorate H. Abilkasimov, S.G. Nursultanova., T. J. Paragulgov, D. Azhgaliev.

The chair participated in the international project "Peri-Tethys" developed by scientists of 15 countries (USA, France, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Romania, etc.). The results of joint research published as articles in Paris (UNESCO publication) in English and French.

The chair participates in the development of basic programs of the Ministry of Science of Kazakhstan and the Science Foundation grant has two themes. The chair also participates in the Trans-European Project Tempus-Tasis and actively participates in international conferences and symposia.

In the problem of studying the petroleum potential of the Black Sea-Caspian region, southern Torgay, shelf of the Caspian Sea, is actively involved Professor G.J. Zholtaev. They issued numerous publications relating to issues of the geological structure, geodynamics and hydrocarbon potential of the petroleum basins in Kazakhstan and the world.

The chair maintains an active exchange of experiences and information with universities in the U.S., France, Japan, Germany, China.

Head of the Chair is one of the authors of the first volume of the Oil encyclopedia of Kazakhstan. Employees of the chair published articles not only in Russian, but English and French.

Ongoing regular contact with industrial, scientific and educational institutions, teachers participate in international conferences and seminars. Students of the chair take an active part in the annual student conferences, and awarded prizes at the university and national competitions.

The results of the research used in the learning process - are included in the content of lectures and laboratory practical lessons.

Chair of Geology of Oil and Gas has an audience, the relevant qualification requirements for the activities of educational organizations and the requirements of state and educational standards.

In recent years obtained sponsorship for the material equipment of chair from the companies Nelson Resources, Schlumberger, Exxon Mobil in refurbishing laboratories in accordance with modern requirements.